Why Rumi Today?

"The world is within you and the whole world is springing up from it." - Rumi

Jalal Al Din Rumi’s poetry takes us to a world within and invites us to explore the hidden dimensions of our journey inward. A world with vivid images dances within us once we open our hearts to Rumi’s poetry, allowing a magical spell to run through our existence.  We become more alive, wide open and awake to the world around us. Who we are and what we are doing here becomes the quest of our journey.

Creation designed us to want to become better human beings every moment of our lives. The search for happiness and the attainment of eternal bliss are strong motives behind our actions. Our educational system, our society, parents, teachers, and eventually the school of life show us the ways to improvement and empowerment. How do we achieve our goals in this age of information where we are bombarded with technology and information that do not necessarily help us? Our wanting becomes the driving force of our behavior throughout our lives. We feel attracted to many directions in life; not knowing which one of these directions will take us to the core of our being. 

Rumi’s teachings invite us to an inward journey. This journey takes us from the path of duality to the path of Unity. Body, mind and soul unify only when we pay attention to the world within us. 

Rumi’s poetry has become the center of my life. The images in Rumi’s stories have healed many people who have opened their hearts to the most powerful spiritual educator of our time.

Teachings from the book of Mathnawi, the book of enlightenment, take the readers step by step to meet God within themselves. The wisdom of Rumi’s teaching is hidden in verses of his poetry. His teaching aids the spiritual elevation of society. 

Let’s keep working together on our wonderful mission! We have a unique opportunity to bring these spiritual teachings to the world’s attention, to heal the wounds of war and strife and to advance the policies of peace. 

Embracing You with Love,

Fariba Enteshari