Rumi's poetry can be an enormously powerful tool of self-discovery and healing as an individual explores his or her world within. The wisdom of Rumi's teaching is hidden in the verses of his poetry. Teachings from the Mathnawi, Rumi's masterpiece, invite individuals to discover the hidden dimensions of their being and inner strength. His poetry and stories take one from the path of duality to the path of unity of body, mind and soul, leading readers step by step to meet the Divine within themselves - a journey toward enlightenment.


Rumi’s Birthday Celebration

Santa Barbara, CA


Watch a glimpse of Rumi’s Birthday Event, held on Sept. 30th, 2019. We gathered for an evening of conversation, connection, and inspiration in celebration of Rumi’s Birthday and his message of love on his 812th birthday. We enjoyed flavorful refreshments, tea & baklava with music, poetry and conversation.

Thank you to Professor Scott Marcus, members of Middle East Ensemble at UCSB for making celebration of Rumi’s life and his the most enjoyable with their music. Special thanks to our board of directors and Dr. Anna DiStefano for all her support and work.

Our readers, Dr. Daryoush Khani, Nanette McIntyre, MA. Dr. Kevin Ferguson and Nancy Martin. Special thanks to Ali Pajoheshgar for playing Oud. We cannot thank enough our donors and participants who create a more meaningful world with their supports community with their love and understanding toward all. A big thanks to our sponsors helping to spread the message of Universal Love within Rumi’s wisdom studies.




Creativity with Rumi

Creativity is known to improve wellbeing, self-esteem, confidence, and coping skills. Rumi Educational Center is developing creative programs for youth that incorporate Rumi's teachings of wisdom, knowledge, and love. These programs will include poetry writing, vision boards, handmade affirmation cards, and reflective art journaling.

Contact us for more information or if you’d like volunteer or host a workshop at your organization.



Online Study Group

More in-depth Study for individual who wants to learn the concepts within Rumi’s masterpiece, Mathnawi on weekly basis. Explore the secret within his poems that took him to ecstasy, unity and love. Online study groups offer a more in-depth study for individual who wants to learn the concepts within Rumi’s masterpiece, Mathnawi on a weekly basis. Each week we will meet on Zoom conferencing. Time/Day TBA.

Contact us if you are interested in joining.



NOVEMBER: Co-sponsorship with Religious studies Department at UCSB

Modern Mysticism by Dr. Soroush Dabbagh 20th of November 2019.

DECEMBER: Rumi’s Wedding Night

Celebrating the anniversary of Rumi’s death known as Wedding Night is on December 17. His concepts of transformation through different stages of life can provide a deep understanding of wisdom oriented life long learning, positive aging and better attitude through the challenging stages of end of life.